Claudia ten Hoope - Freelance data analyst and data scientist

Claudia ten Hoope - Freelance data scientist

Data scientist

I want to help others to make the right decisions, data-driven decisions


As a freelance data analyst and data scientist, I translate data into valuable and comprehensible insights. My goal is to improve results, make the right decisions and save costs.

I am experienced in machine learning, supervised and unsupervised algorithms and use data visualization techniques to present the results. I use SQL, R, Python, QlikView and Tableau for my data projects.

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Data analysis

I am specialized in analyzing data. Results, trends and recommendations are clearly presented in reports or tools.

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Advice and coaching projects

Before and during data related projects, I give advice on the progress of the project and I coach data analysts.

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Data analytics

Get more value from your data with prediction models and machine learning techniques, for example by predicting behavior or targeting the right customer.

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(Interactive) infographics

Present your data in an inspiring way by using an infographic rather than a piece of text. I create interactive infographics which can be used internally or publicly.

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Dashboards show the most recent results in an interactive way. By clicking and drilling, you will examine trends and patterns yourself.

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Front-end web developer

As a web developer, I help to design and create the perfect website for starters and freelancers. The website is optimized for desktop and smartphone.

About me

Hi, my name is Claudia and I work remotely as a freelance data scientist. I hold a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in science (Business Analytics, VU University Amsterdam).

Since I was young, I have always enjoyed to solve puzzles. So that’s how I look at big data sets: to me it is one big puzzle I want to solve. Finding patterns nobody else sees is the challenge to me.

I have been working as a data scientist for more than ten years with experience in transport, logistics and retail. I have worked for more than 25 companies which gives me the ability to translate complex questions into understandable insights.

Do you want to work together? Please reach out to me by e-mail.

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Wondering how you can make the best decisions using your data?



As data scientist, I know exactly how you can use data optimally within your business. Based on your objectives, we will make a plan to reach the right insight.

I am available for:

  • Data science (prediction models, segmentations)
  • Data analysis
  • Data visualisation (infographics, dashboards)
  • Advice and coaching data projects
  • Training and workshops (start with data analysis, how to answer questions with data, hands-on SQL, hands-on R)
  • Presentations (storytelling, how to present data, how do other businesses use data?)


  • Data science, data analysis and visualisation projects: on request
  • Presentations, training and workshops: on request
  • Full-day training: on request


We can get in touch via LinkedIn